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I am a UGC creator and photographer based in the US with 4+ years of photography and video editing experience. I have experience with products ranging from skincare to apps. Let me help you connect with your audience and increase sales through authentic content!

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past work

Ad - Javy Coffee

cTA, Vo, Face to Camera

Ad - Huel

cTA, Vo, Face to Camera, on screen text

Ad - Experian

cTA, on screen text, Green Screen


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Ad - Lunaescent

voice over, cTA, Face to Camera

Ad - COCO Magic

voice over, cTA

Organic - Good Molecules



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Organic - Klove

cTA, on screen text

Review -Kimuse

cTA, on screen text

Ad - Simple & Dainty

cTA, on screen text, Voice Over


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Ad - Taylor Candle & CO

cTA, Vo, Face to Camera, on screen text

Ad - Plant Stand

cTA, on screen text, Voice over

Ad - Balance app

cTA, on screen text, Voice over

Home + Apps

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Past Partnerships


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Ad Content

contains a hook, informative body, & call to action

1 Ad video

3 ad videos

5 ad videos

Mix & Match Ads

mix & match hooks with informative bodies & CTAs - delivered as raw footage to be edited how you want

2 hooks, 1 body, 1 CTA

2 hooks, 2 bodies, 2 CTA

Organic Content

clips of b-roll, trending sounds, informative text

1 organic video

3 organic videos

5 organic videos


a mix of ad & organic content

1 ad + 1 Organic

2 ad + 1 organic

3 Ad + 4 organic

Email me about custom packages and monthly retainers!

Add Ons

every brand has different needs


Call to action

Raw footage

b-roll clips

2-3 images

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